Innovative contract services by GENERI BIOTECH: fill in the missing piece of the puzzle!

GENERI BIOTECH has been dealing with molecular biology since its founding in 1995. Over the last decade, we have been focusing on more complex pharma/biotech services using our GMP/GLP certified compliance, mainly in preclinical and clinical testing.


GMP/GPL generi biotech


GMP/GLP certified services

Our typical clients are CROs providing common pharma testing for whom DNA based tests are beyond their general analytical capabilities. Our sub-contracting enables them to fulfil complex analytical projects comprising both, general testing and DNA-based analytical testing, e.g. of biologicals. We fulfil requests of our client to tailored analysis of complex analytical challenges.


Development, validation and transfer of QC methods

Our GMP capability makes it possible for us to take part in QC in the manufacturing of biologicals for partners in the pharma industry. We provide complete development, validation and transfer of analytical methods and the quality control process.


LIST OF SERVICESDrug discoveryPre-clinicalClinicalManufacturing
Analytical serviceszaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko 
Quality control analysis cGMP   zaskrtavatko
Biodistribution studieszaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko 
Target genotypingzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko
Cell lines characterizationzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko
Viral DNA quantitationzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko
Nucleic acid extractionzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko
Method development, validation and transferzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko
Consulting and support for Study designzaskrtavatkozaskrtavatkozaskrtavatko