Recombinant human HMGB1

Recombinant human COMPRecombinant human HMGB1 (High mobility group protein B1) - is a full-length protein produced in E.coli, K.lactis and CHO cells. The protein is designated to be used as a protein standard in immunoanalytical assays.



  • High purity rhHMGB1, produced in E. coli
Product quantityCatalogue numberPrice (VAT excluded)
High purity rhHMGB1, E. coli, 100 µg40207 000 Kč
High purity rhHMGB1, E. coli, 500 µg402122 000 Kč

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  • Standard rhHMGB1, produced in K.lactis
Product quantityCatalogue numberPrice (VAT excluded)
Standard rhHMGB1, K.lactis, 0,1 mg4022on request
Standard rhHMGB1, K.lactis, 0,5 mg4023on request
Standard rhHMGB1, K.lactis, 1 mg4024on request

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  • Standard rhHMGB1, produced in CHO cells
Product quantityCatalogue numberPrice (VAT excluded)
Standard rhHMGB1, CHO, 25 µg4025on request
Standard rhHMGB1, CHO, 100 µg4026on request

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Order and delivery

Recombinant human HMGB1 can be ordered via e-mail address . In the purchase order please specify the catalogue number and product quantity.

The protein is delivered on dry ice. The delivery term will be specified upon request. For further information please contact us at or at +420 495 056 234, +420 495 056 253.


Product details

Protein name:High mobility group protein B1
Other names:Sulfoglucuronyl carbohydrate binding protein, Amphoterin, High-mobility group (nonhistone chromosomal) protein 1, High-mobility group box 1, High mobility group protein 1, HMG-1
Species:Homo sapiens
Gene ID:3146
GeneBank accession No.:NP_002119.1
UniProt accession No.:P09429
Function:HMGB1 is a highly conserved protein, present in the nuclei and cytoplasm of almost all cells. In the nuclei it acts as a DNA binding protein via interaction with chromatin and is able to bend DNA. HMGB1 has cytokine and chemotaxis activity, depending on the redox state of 3 cysteins.
Protein length:Full-length recombinant protein, 231 amino acids
Label:6× His tag (C-end)
Mw:26,7 kDa
Host:E. coli
Form:Purified, diluted in storage buffer
Quality control test:ELISA, SDS-PAGE, MS
Storage:-20 °C
Shipping:Frozen on ice