Recombinant human SHBG

Recombinant human SHBGRecombinant human SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) - rhSHBG - is a full-length protein produced in mammalian cells. The protein is manufactured in two variants: high purity rhSHBG and standard rhSHBG..


rhSHBG finds its usage especially as a protein standard. High purity rhSHBG is suitable for sensitive bioanalytical applications while standard rhSHBG is intended to be used in routine immunoanalytical assays.



  • High purity rhSHBG
Product quantityCatalogue numberPrice (VAT excluded)
High purity rhSHBG, 25 µg40004 500 Kč
High purity rhSHBG, 100 µg40019 000 Kč


  • Standard rhSHBG
Product quantityCatalogue numberPrice (VATexcluded)
Standard rhSHBG, 0,1 mg40024 500 Kč
Standard rhSHBG, 0,5 mg400319 500 Kč
Standard rhSHBG, 1 mg400430 000 Kč


Order and delivery

Recombinant human SHBG can be ordered via e-mail address . In the purchase order please specify the catalogue number and product quantity.

The protein is delivered on dry ice. The delivery term will be specified upon request. For further information please contact us at or on +420 495 056 234, +420 495 056 253.


Product details

Protein name:Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Other names:Sex steroid-binding protein, Testis-specific androgen-binding protein, Testosterone-estradiol-binding globulin, Testosterone-estrogen-binding globulin
Species:Homo sapiens
Gene ID:6462
GeneBank accession No.:NM_001146279
UniProt accession No.:P04278
Function:SHBG is the most important androgen and estrogen transport protein in plasma. It regulates the plasma metabolic clearance rate of steroid hormones by controlling their plasma concentration.
Protein length:Full-length recombinant protein, 429 amino acids
Label:c-myc epitope, 6x His tag (C-end)
Mw:94 kDa (dimer)
Host:CHO cells
Form:Purified, diluted in storage buffer (It is recommended to use our GB diluent buffer for enhancing stability and for dilution)
Non-purified, diluted in culture medium
Quality control test:ELISA, SDS-PAGE, MS
Tested application:ELISA, WB
Storage:-20 °C
Shipping:Frozen on ice