Announcement for oligo and probes synthesis

updated April 16, 2020


Dear customers,

because of reduced accessibility of some components for synthesis of oligonucleotides labeled with fluorophores and quenchers we are forced to extend the delivery time for oligo synthesis in GENERI BIOTECH.

Rules for oligo synthesis during this state:

a) we extend the delivery time for synthesis of probes and oligonucleotides labeled with some fluorophores and quenchers,

b) in case of synthesis of probes for in-house detection of SARS-CoV-2, we offer delivery of our proprietary CE IVD kits as an alternative,

c) availability of other oligonucleotides remains unchanged, however, delivery can be slightly delayed above the standard delivery time.

Should you order probes with affected availibility, we will contact you with the information about estimated delivery time.


We are sorry for the inconveniences,

Radovan Haluza