Gene quantification (qPCR)

Gene quantification (qPCR)

  • Contamination by production organism residual DNA
    Plasmid DNA is frequently used in gene therapy and high purity plasmids are required. Residual DNA or proteins from the production organism (where plasmid was produced e.g. E. coli) are considered unacceptable contaminant.
  • Contamination by wild type virus in artificial drug virus
    Viral vaccines or vectors are mostly prepared from wild type precursors, which lost their original activity. Artificial virus is less dangerous than wild type and has special characteristics. Wild type virus in a vaccine could have dangerous effect.
  • Viral contaminants in virus-free material
    For the control of biological material it is necessary to check if the material does not contain any hazardous biological substance, such as virus.
  • Contamination tests on request
    development of method and subsequent validation can be included

Quality Control Quality control

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    gb OneStep RT-qPCR Kit

    gb OneStep RT-qPCR Kit gb OneStep RT-qPCR Kit

    gb OneStep RT-qPCR Kit je určen k provedení reverzní transkripce (RT) a real-time PCR (qPCR) v jednom kroku (v jedné reakci). Není proto nutné přepsání RNA do cDNA předchozí oddělenou reverzní transkripcí, ani oddělené přístrojové vybavení.

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