MY OLIGO is a private list of all sequences that every customer has ever ordered at GENERI BIOTECH throughout the whole history of oligo orders in GB. The complete database contains all sequences synthesized in GB from the very beginning in 1995. We launched the database in 1998 and we have made important upgrades several times since.

You can work in MY OLIGO regardless of whether you are logged-in to our website or not. Every customer obtains a default MY OLIGO code to enter his/her database automatically the first time they order oligos. The access code to MY OLIGO is stated on each delivery list.

Your MY OLIGO records are accessible on Customer portal under this icon:

Should you try how MY OLIGO works, reach the Customer portal, click there on the icon and enter code Project_22. Press button and you will see a trial database.

Unlogged-in user

An unlogged-in user can use a default MY OLIGO code to access basic data: sequence, name of oligo, oligo code, supplied yield, physical parameters of oligo, date of synthesis etc.

Logged-in user

You can access more functions of the database provided that you are registered on our website and work as a logged-in user.

As a logged-in user you can use not only your own database automatically, but you can use different codes as well to reach other lists of sequences (see end of this text).

MY OLIGO as a lab notebook

When ordering, you can add your personal notes to a record of each sequence using a field „User´s working notes to the oligo/probe”.

These notes remain permanantly kept in MY OLIGO, you can add further lab notes from relevant experiments.

MY OLIGO as a tool for reordering

If you reorder previously ordered sequences (“old sequences”), you mark them in MY OLIGO and copy them to OLIGO NOTES. When you make a new order, you use button „Copy from NOTES”. In the NOTES you can change either sequences and/or their parameters.

Adjusting code MO to your needs

As already stated, at the first order you obtain your default MY OLIGO code. You can go on with the default code or you can change it to a more memorable one. By changing the default MY OLIGO code for all your sequences you change your MY OLIGO code and from now on all your oligo records will carry this new code.

You can even create your own MY OLIGO code and choose a part of database under this new one (e.g. you may want to split your large database according to projects etc.).

To keep check of MY OLIGO codes in your system, you have a table “List of MY OLIGO codes” available. By clicking on a selected MY OLIGO code, a list of oligo records with the code will appear.

Our tips where a change of MY OLIGO code can be appreciated

As stated in the previous paragraph, by changing MY OLIGO code you can split the whole bulk of your sequences into smaller groups according to your wishes. You can share groups with your colleagues, or you can keep other groups only for yourself. When you change the MY OLIGO code you can solve problems that typically occur in working groups. You are able to:

  • split a part of your records and transfer them to your colleagues – making only selected parts accessible to them
  • merge records form your colleagues to one group under the same MY OLIGO code
  • transfer records of a leaving colleague to somebody else´s database
  • when leaving for a new working place you can leave behind you a part of your database that is relevant to former colleagues
  • the former work place can even make records inaccessible to a leaving former colleague – they change the MY OLIGO code to a new one not known to him/her

Please note that splitting your database MY OLIGO to many codes is retrospective and applies to an already existing database. For the purpose of new orders you have to keep using only the MY OLIGO code (see previous paragraph).

Rules kept in MY OLIGO

  • A sequence record gets into MY OLIGO exclusively by its ordering with GB.
  • In MY OLIGO, each sequence record is unique and cannot be either duplicated or deleted. Should sequences be accessible to many users, it is necessary to share MY OLIGO code covering them.