GENERI BIOTECH as a partner of other CROs

A special kind of partnership is our relation to CRO partners. CROs usually provide a broad list of GLP/GMP services to pharma companies. They can either do part of (pre)clinical testing or be a leader of the entire development of a new pharmaceutical for a Sponsor.

Some CROs oriented to general tests are not always equipped for some kind of special tests which they have to outsource, typically to another CRO – e.g. to a DNA testing company such as GENERI BIOTECH.

GENERI BIOTECH has been a partner of CROs such as Meditox and QUINTA ANALYTICA, Kymos

GENERI BIOTECH as a partner of Sponsors

Generally, a sponsor is perceived as a party that pays for the clinical research study. A Sponsor may organize the study by itself or may contract out to a CRO or many CROs to provide experiments for the study.

A sponsor is usually a large global pharma company, however a sponsor can also be an innovative company or even start-up founded and invested in for the development of only one drug. This is quite common in projects of gene therapy-based pharmaceuticals.

GENERI BIOTECH has been a partner of innovative companies such as Targovax, Valo or BlueSky Vaccines.

GENERI BIOTECH as a partner of the Academic sector

A sponsor can also be an academic body such as universities, medical institutes etc. that provide drug discovery or early stage preclinical development.

GENERI BIOTECH has been a partner of UHKT.

GENERI BIOTECH as a partner of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biological substances, life sciences products or medical devices

GENERI BIOTECH has been a partner of manufacturers ordering GMP services: Ancare, Lallemand, Dyntec

GENERI BIOTECH has been a partner of manufacturers ordering non-GMP services: Medin, Europin

What can GENERI BIOTECH offer to CROs and/or Sponsors?

GENERI BIOTECH is a GLP/GMP-certified quality-focused provider of outsourced services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, mostly specializing in (pre)clinical development.

GENERI BIOTECH is a potential partner of those who are looking for someone who is flexible to meet needs in a nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) based portfolio of services which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of clients. Our customers are mostly sponsors/CROs that are not specialized in DNA techniques.

GENERI BIOTECH strives to be perceived as a CRO´s partner, the missing piece to complete the mosaic for a CRO´s complex solution.

As our company is a small one (approx. 50 members of staff), we can pay attention to all details of our project. We take a personal approach for granted, which is not always the rule with large providers.


Last but not least…

We are looking for challenges where we can offer our partner technical expertise and long-term experience in solving DNA tasks which were either for our own R&D or for our partners everywhere.