Plasmid amplification and isolation

Plasmid amplification and isolation

Plasmid amplification is provided in Escherichia coli bacteria cells. Plasmid linearization by restriction cleavage can be ordered as a follow-up service. Such an operation is recommended especially when the plasmid is used as a PCR standard. Amplified plasmids are delivered either in midiprep or maxiprep quantities. Typical yields are stated below.

Final product parameters

Plasmid isolation yield depends on many factors: on the sequence coding for DNA replication origin (ORI sequence), on the size of the plasmid, and on the type of cloned DNA fragment (e.g. inserted fragment of shRNA/miRNA can significantly lower the yield). To increase final yield, it is recommended to provide us with the information whether the plasmid is considered either as “high copy” or “low/very low copy”, according to the reference table.

If the plasmid is inappropriately categorized, we do not take responsibility concerning the total yield. If the customer provides us with detailed information on the plasmid (length, name of the original vector and map of the plasmid) we will categorize it correctly by ourselves.

Requirements for the material

Plasmid can be sent either in the form of a solution or as a dried drop on a filter paper.

    • Minimal amount of plasmid in solution: 100 ng
    • Minimal amount of plasmid on filter paper: 1 µg
    • Minimal purity (A260/A280) at least 1.8

Customers should specify the gene for antibiotics resistance and categorize the plasmid into either “high copy” or “low/very low copy” group.


Finalized plasmid is delivered dissolved in sterile TE buffer (or in sterile deionized water on request). We provide you with information about plasmid concentration and purity.

Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
1851-001 Midiprep “high copy”
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1852-001 Midiprep "low/very low copy"
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1853-001 Maxiprep "high copy"
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1854-001 Maxiprep "low/very low copy"
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Shiping on dry ice from € 110 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

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