Plasmid linearization

Plasmid linearization

If the plasmid DNA is intended for use as a PCR template, it is recommended to use it as a linear DNA. A circular plasmid mostly has a supercoiled conformation, where the target sequence is less accessible for primers and for polymerase.

This service follows plasmid amplification and isolation. Linear DNA provides more reproducible and accurate results. Linearization is performed using restriction endonucleases. The cleaved product is further purified and quantified.

Product parameters

  • isolate of a linearized plasmid in the minimal amount of 10 μg
  • concentration min 1E10 copies/μl
  • volume of 200 μl

The cleaved product is further purified and quantified.


Finalized plasmid is delivered dissolved in sterile TE buffer (or in sterile deionized water on request). We provide you with information about plasmid concentration and purity.

Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
1850 Plasmid linearization
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Shiping on dry ice from € 110 (EU)
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