gb PHARM Warfarin

gb PHARM Warfarin

Detection method: allelic discrimination

The kit is intended for detection of mutation CYP2C9*2, CYP2C9*3 and VKORC1 G1639A in human genomic DNA by real-time PCR method (allelic discrimination).

Clinical implications

Warfarin is a widely used oral coumarin-type anticoagulant. Warfarin as an inhibitor of enzyme VKORC1 reduces recycling of vitamin K (cofactor for the coagulation cascade) and is bio
transformed mainly through the cytochrome CYP2C9. The narrow therapeutic index of the drug requires individual adjustment of therapeutic doses and monitoring of INR.

The bleeding complications, which are reported by up to 10% of patients, limit use of the medicament. Warfarin anticoagulant activity is affected by many factors, especially the presence of polymorphisms, age, weight, dietary habits and others. The polymorphism VKORC1 G1639A, with a frequency of occurrence of 39% in the European population, is associated with an increased sensitivity to warfarin. Genotyping of CYP2C9* 2, CYP2C9*3 and VKORC1 G1639A is recommended for more accurate initial dosage of warfarin, reducing the time to achieve a stable INR value, which will reduce the incidence of bleeding and thromboembolic diseases.

Parameters of the diagnostic kit

  • ready-to-use assay
  • sample concentration 1-100 ng/µl
  • positive and negative controls included
  • FAM and HEX channels detection
  • identical amplification profile as gb HEMO, gb GENETIC, gb PHARM kits
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3250-025 gb PHARM Warfarin 25
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3250-050 gb PHARM Warfarin 50
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1 kit contains reagents to provide 25 or 50 PCR reactions (20 μl volume of each reaction).

Validated for:

ABI 7500/7500 Fast (ABI)

CFX96/96Touch (Bio-Rad)

iCycler iQ5 (Bio-Rad)

Light Cycler 480/Cobas z480 (Roche Diagnostics)


RG 3000 (Corbett Research)

RG 6000/Q (Corbett Research/Qiagen)

SmartCycler (Cepheid)

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