gb Reverse Transcription Kit

Reverse Transcription Kit is intended for reverse transcription using enzyme MMLV reverse transcriptase. This enzyme converts RNA to cDNA (complementary DNA) in one step (without denaturation), you only have to add your template RNA.

Description of the product

gb Reverse transcription kit contains buffer, dNTPs, primers (hexamers, oligo(dT)VN), RNAse inhibitor and enzyme reverse transcriptase (MMLV), that converts RNA to cDNA, which can be analyzed in the PCR. MMLV reverse transcriptase originates from Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus.

Parameters of the product

  • The product is prepared in a two-component form, it is enough to add only a sample of RNA after mixing the A component (solution) and B component (enzyme).
  • 2× concentrated mixture sufficient for 20 reactions is made by mixing both the components. RNA to cDNA transcription occurs in one step without the necessity of previous denaturation.
  • The input amount of RNA for reverse transcription is 100–1000 ng.
  • Reverse transcriptase is an M-MLV transcriptase which synthesizes cDNA molecules effectively up to 13 kilobases length at an optimum temperature of 42 °C.
  • There are poly(dT) oligonucleotides and degenerate hexamers as well in the mixture, which means the kit could be also used for reverse transcription of RNA without poly (A) tails.
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3012 gb Reverse Transcription Kit 20
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1 tube contains reagents to provide 20 reverse transcriptions (20 μl volume of each reaction).

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