Kit for isolation of DNA from body fluids

The kit enables you to achieve highly pure genomic DNA from samples of whole blood, serum, plasma, buccal swab and urine. Moreover, viral and bacterial DNA can be efficiently isolated from these types of samples as well. High DNA yields, reproducible results and fast working method are guaranteed.

Principle of the isolation kit

  • Lysis of cells is caused by incubation of a sample in Proteinase K in the presence of increased content of chaotropic ions.
  • DNA isolation is performed on the silica membrane of the column.
  • Specific conditions appropriate for binding DNA onto a membrane are achieved by ethanol added to lysate.
  • Consequent treatment by two types of buffer results in removing impurities in the first step and eluting pure genomic DNA in the next step (ratio A260/A280 1.60 to 1.90).

Description Specification
Input material whole blood (in EDTA, citrate or heparin), serum, plasma, buccal swab, urine
Technology silica membrane column
Sample volume up to 200 μl
Elution volume 100 μl
Yield 4-6 μg
Binding capacity 60 μg
Size of DNA fragment 200 bp-50 kbp
Isolation time of 1 sample approx 20 min


Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3100-050 Kit for isolation of DNA from body fluids 50
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3100-100 Kit for isolation of DNA from body fluids 100
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1 package contains material and chemicals for a total number of 50/100 DNA isolations from blood and other body fluids.

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