ngs ONCO anti-EGFR ngs ONCO anti-EGFR

ngs ONCO anti-EGFR

Detection method: NGS

Next-generation sequencing diagnostic kit

Complex solution – from DNA to clinical report
Robust diagnostic panel – hotspot regions of multiple diagnostic relevant genes
Easy to use – no need of prior NGS and bioinformatic experience

Principle of detection

DNA samples are prepared in a two-step PCR amplification. Target hotspot regions are amplified during the 1st multiplex PCR reaction and sample specific molecular barcodes are added in the 2nd universal PCR amplification. Individual library samples are purified, normalized, pooled and sequenced on the Illumina MiSeq® platform. Sequencing data are processed and analyzed by ERMI software and the user can export a report. Free of charge use of the ERMI evaluation software is included in the kit. The software is very user-friendly and its use does not require any bioinformatic knowledge.

Parameters of the diagnostic kit

  • Diagnostic kits for next-generation sequencing on Illumina MiSeq® platform
  • Up to 64 samples per sequencing run (when used with v2 300 cycles chemistry)
  • Panel of 8 relevant genes for molecular diagnostics of somatic mutations in colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and melanomas using the anti-EGFR antibody therapy
  • Carefully designed primers for single-tube amplicon multiplex PCR library preparation providing uniform coverage
  • Suitable with the FFPE samples and input DNA in amounts as low as 20 ng
  • Straightforward library preparation protocol with short hands-on time
  • Developed in collaboration with experts from the Clinic of Oncology, General University Hospital in Prague
  • Bioinformatic software solution provides user friendly data analysis and generates a report


Panel of genes included in ngs ONCO anti-EGFR  diagnostic kit:

KRAS chr 12 exon 3 exon 2 exon 4
BRAF chr 7 exon 11 exon 15
NRAS chr 1 exon 2 exon 3 exon 4
EGFR chr 7 exon 18 exon 19 exon 20 exon 21
PIK3CA chr 3 exon 21
AKT1 chr 14 exon 3
HER2 chr 17 exon 25
SMAD chr 18 exon 12
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3301-024 ngs ONCO anti-EGFR 24
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3301-064 ngs ONCO anti-EGFR 64
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Shiping on dry ice from € 95 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

Automatic evaluation : Yes

Validated for:

Illumina MiSeq

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