qPCR assays to order

The product is a lyophilized mixture of 2 primers and a hydrolysis probe. In combination with the reaction mixture (gb Master Mix according to your choice or other reaction mixture of the customer) it is used for qPCR. Custom assay can be designed, optimized and made for any genes and organisms.

Principle of the assay

qPCR assay for reference genes are optimized systems for quantification of gene expression at the transcriptional level using real-time PCR. The systems are designed and optimized in the same temperature PCR profile.

Product parameters

  • 1 package contains reagents for 500/1000 qPCR reactions with a volume of 20 μl.
  • By default, it is possible to order design for human, rat and mouse gene expression assays (design for other organisms – see Requirements for input data and material).
  • Systems do not amplify genomic DNA (if this cannot be guaranteed, e.g. in case of monoexonic genes, we inform the customer in the documentation provided).
  • qPCR assays for gene expression are optimized with a mixture of cDNAs from cell lines or tissues of the organism.
  • 1 analysis takes approximately 1 hour (under recommended conditions, depending on the setting of real-time PCR cycler parameters).
  • Getting the best results is guaranteed using the recommended gb PCR Master Mix which the systems were optimized for.

Requirements for input data and material

  • Information on the type of organism (if the design is made for organism other than human, rat and mouse, availability of the material used for quantification system optimalization should be consulted).
  • GeneID (or other genetic identification data – symbol, name).
  • Required fluorescence label (usualy FAM or HEX).


  • A lyophilized primer and a hydrolysis probe mix intended for preparation of 10x concentrated solution for direct use in qPCR.
  • A manual
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
1710-005 qPCR assay for gene expression - to order 5x100
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1710-010 qPCR assay for gene expression - to order 10x100
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1 package contains reagents to provide 500/1000 qPCR reactions (20 μl volume of each reaction).

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