Seeking distributors

GENERI BIOTECH is seeking to build global partnerships of reliable distributors for our products, especially CE IVD kits.

For a manufacturer, finding a reliable distributor is of equal importance as the finding of a reliable manufacturer for a distributor. We all know the importance of having dependable and robust products with a reputable brand coupled with an efficient distribution network.

Therefore, we pay great attention to gaining distributors. We are very patient when we negotiate with potential partners. We strive to get our negotiations to the point where both parties are convinced that mutual cooperation is really of benefit to the both of us.

For this reason, we offer our potential partners a period of close cooperation within a more informal business partnership. During this period our business partner will see if he would be interested in a deeper relationship with GENERI BIOTECH and therefore if he cares to become a distributor with all its advantages and responsibilities.

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