Terms and conditions for free samples

Recipient (of free samples)

is an institution or company whose owner, representative, agent or employee orders free samples

Provider (of free samples)


Limitation of use of free samples

The free samples are intended strictly to make non-commercial personal trials provided by the Recipient. Their further sale to a third party is strictly prohibited.

Limitation of order of free samples

  1. If the Recipient does not have any history connected with the Provider´s products (no previous orders), the Recipient´s order of free samples is limited to 2 different products.
  2. If the Recipient does have a history with the Provider´s products (previous orders exist), the Recipient´s order of free samples is limited only to products which the Recipient has not previously ordered. (In this case the Recipient´s log-in is required).

The Provider reserves the right to limit the requirement for free samples of an unusual extent. The provision of free samples applies only to the marked products, not to the entire portfolio.

Price of free samples

Free samples are supplied with 100% discount for the product.
The Recipient only pays delivery fee (FedEx, DHL or other messenger) that is specific for the country where the free products are to be delivered to. The total price of the parcel will be specified in a proforma invoice that will be sent to the Recipient. After the payment is made by the Recipient, the Provider dispatches the free samples to the Recipient´s address.


The Recipient of free samples is obliged to provide GENERI BIOTECH with a brief feedback after trials using the free samples are completed, no later than one month after their receipt.
If the product previously provided as a free sample is ordered in the regular way, no feedback is required.