Business partners


Become our business partner

We are looking for business partners worldwide. We appreciate those partners who can fit the portfolio of our CE IVD products, either the whole or a part of it, to their sales strategy.

In countries where GENERI BIOTECH does not have a distributor we are looking for business partners. Business partners buy our products with no need of a formal distribution agreement. A cooperating business partner can become a distributor and enjoy a full range of advantages of distributorship.


What do we offer to our business partners

Economic benefits: Our IVD kits are affordable, especially compared with prices of global brand products.

User-friendly products: Our products are highly competitive. End-users usually prefer them over comparable products of different origin.

We communicate directly and effectively: Contrary to global companies, we help users of our products regardless if they purchased them directly from GENERI BIOTECH or through our distributors.

We bring new and innovative products: Our R&D works constantly on new products to be launched to the market every year.

We appreciate your suggestions: We listen to your suggestions to forge a long term mutually beneficial cooperation.

We deliver the goods in short delivery terms: 95% of our products are immediately available, the others within days.

We have well-managed logistics for our products: Exporting to some countries may be very difficult – we are ready to help our business partner overcome administrative and logistic obstacles.

Training: we can provide training for your application specialist about practical usage of our products and the assessment of results.


What do we expect from you as a potential distributor

Sales history: You should have a history of sales in the field of laboratory medicine.

Application specialist: You should have personnel familiar with molecular genetic applications to be a professional partner to your own customers – the end-users of our products.

Growth mindset to our mutual business: We expect that you do not offer an IVD kit portfolio similar to those that we offer.


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