About us

GENERI BIOTECH was established in 1995, originally as a facility for production of oligonucleotides.

Our products

Synthesis of oligos has remained the mainstay of the company up to now. Our products such as IVD kits whose development we started in 2010 are based on know-how of synthesis of diversely modified oligos. Our portfolio of IVD products is growing step by step. In 2023 GENERI BIOTECH has successfully accomplished IVDR certification (TÜV SÜD) for our in vitro diagnostics products according to Regulation EU 2017/746.

Form the end of the millennium GENERI BIOTECH has provided its own R&D. In recent years we fully concentrated our R&D projects on the development of the products. We are focused mainly on the area of oncological diagnostics.

Life Sciences products came as a certain by-product of our IVD development. What we had to manage for our IVD from the point of view of development, we started to produce as separate products. Mastermixes are a perfect example.

Our R&D

We aim our products at two market sectors: laboratory diagnostics in human medicine and R&D. We continuously make our portfolio broader and at the same time, build a sales network. We search for reliable business partners for new distribution points worldwide.

Our products are based to a great extent on innovation, therefore we focus on looking for new competent colleagues. Since 2000 we have had students from the Faculty of Pharmacy (Charles University) and Faculty of Chemical Technology (University of Pardubice) in our offices who solve professional issues for their diploma thesis. We accept postgraduate students to Generi Biotech who solve part of our research projects in the experimental part of their studying.

Our cooperation

GENERI BIOTECH is permanently interested in the results of academic research which can be transformed into a commercial product after further development. To these ends in the past we bought a few licences from academic sources. We are trying to establish an external consulting team, namely in the areas we are interested in from a development point of view.

We are seeking cooperation on particular projects with academia, hospitals and other companies as well.

Our pharma testing

In 2015 we decided to systematically develop a full range of complete testing services, which we had been providing previously for our partners in the pharma and biotech businesses. After the experience from contracts for a few European companies we achieved standards for good laboratory practice (GLP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP) and we are involved more and more in this interesting market sector.