GENERI BIOTECH - a brief tour of the company

We produce reliable, user-friendly and sensibly-priced products that successfully compete with global brands

Welcome to GENERI BIOTECH... can see the main benefits we bring to our stakeholders together with tour pictures from our workplaces

Our Research and Development forms one of the most important parts of the company

R&D is permanently working on new products to be launched on the market

For oligos and probes we develop mainly new modifications and purifications...

...for both end-users of our oligo products and for industrial partners that use them in their final products

GENERI BIOTECH launches new IVD kits every year

We listen to our customers´ and distributors´ suggestions how to add to our list of products

We strive for our IVD kits to be highly competitive...

...and really, our customers like them. We are proud that they prefer them over similar products of different origins.

We have well-managed logistics of our products

Exporting to some countries may be very difficult – we are ready to help our business partner to overcome administrative and logistic obstacles

We deliver the goods in short delivery terms

95% of our products are immediately available, the others within days - as a result of well-organized processes such as production, sales, administrative support, IT, IS, etc.

Oligonucleotides remain a flagship product of GENERI BIOTECH... a thread of a story stretching from the beginning to the present. We started with them 25 years ago and they still make up the core business and basic know-how for our products such as IVD.

GxP testing is another product line in GENERI BIOTECH

Our partners are mostly CROs and/or pharma/biotech companies

Our distributors appreciate our products, especially the IVD kits portfolio

An attractive distributor´s margin enables the products to be interesting for distributors and still affordable for their customers

Business administration is an important part of the company

They take care of end-customers, business partners and distributor network including acquisition of new business partners all over the world