Our mission, vision, values

Our mission

What is GENERI BIOTECH´s reason for existence?

GENERI BIOTECH is an EU-located biotechnological company. We develop, manufacture and sell our own proprietary products: IVD kits based on molecular genetic methods and Life Sciences products.
In addition, we run testing facilities for GLP/GMP tests, typically for CROs in the field of drug development.

At present, we perceive IVD kits as blockbusters and GLP/GMP testing as raising stars.

Our mission is to find a stable business market position for our products and services. We strive to develop highly competitive, user friendly, and favorably priced products and services.

We consider our customers to be our partners. A short way between a customer and a GENERI BIOTECH´s specialist solving a customer´s issue is our unambiguous added value and an advantage over large companies.

To realize permanent growth of revenues we keep building our distribution network worldwide.

Finally, we aspire to be an attractive choice for those people seeking interesting careers in a company having pleasant culture as a necessary condition that encourages creative and innovative work.

Our vision

What will GENERI BIOTECH look like 10 years from now?

Over the next 10 years we will endeavor to enlarge our portfolio of IVD kits to have as comprehensive a product catalog as possible. We would like to have more long-term CRO customers for our GLP/GMP testing facilities and a broader array of service offerings in general.

Our IVD kits will remain blockbusters while our GLP/GMP testing services will have become blockbusters as well.

We will have achieved and exceeded our 15% annual revenue growth target through an expanded network of distributors and business partners worldwide.

Our values

What does GENERI BIOTECH believe in and how it behaves?

Our core values are:

Culture – pleasant and supportive company culture
Customers – satisfied and successful customers
Partners – mutually beneficial relationships with business partners
Staff – creative and innovative staff
Products – commitment to a sustainable pipeline of highly competitive products

Our quality policy



We at GENERI BIOTECH are dedicated to providing outstanding testing services, developing and manufacturing high quality in vitro diagnostic products that are safe and effective, comply with regulatory requirements and satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations. We are committed to quality and strive for an effective continuously improving quality management system.