Bonus scheme

Bonuses are automatically awarded to all customers based on delivered products and services the customer is charged for. Each CZK 200 (excl. VAT) charged generates 1 bonus point.

Points are earned for the purchase of oligonucleotides, modified and unmodified, in all scales and delivery times, probes, PCR mastermixes and isolation kits and IVD kits.

As for deposits, bonus points are awarded when withdrawals are applied and products are charged. 1 point is awarded only for every CZK 200.
In Customer´s Portal, there is a bonus account for each customer. The customer can choose and order her/his bonuses according to the catalogue located in the same place.

Bonuses for IVD products are limited by CZK 1,500 / year / expert due to the regulation of advertising for medical devices and diagnostic medical devices in vitro, and only for the purchase of professional items that are related to the performed professional activities (as stated in instruction UST-39 issued by SÚKL).

You can find more info about bonuses here >>
Every bonus in the catalogue costs a specific number of bonus points that are deducted from your bonus account.

Since January 1, 2018 the use of bonus points is time-limited. Points that are not used within 18 months following their crediting expire.

The Supplier reserves the right to change the bonus offer in the bonus program as well as its possible cancellation.

GENERI BIOTECH´s employees, distributors of GENERI BIOTECH´s products and services and other business partners are excluded from participation in the bonus scheme.