The processing of personal data

I hereby declare that I have read the information* about personal data protection and I give my consent to processing of personal data from this web application by the company GENERI BIOTECH for the time period necessary for preservation of accounting data.  Processing of personal data means that this data will be recorded in the administrative database maintained by the company GENERI BIOTECH in order to ensure administrative processing of enquiry/purchase orders. Personal data will not be transferred to any third party.

*Information about personal data protection according to the law 101/2000 Coll. as amended, and the GDPR regulation: according to the law 101/2000 Coll. a client is considered a so-called data subject, and GENERI BIOTECH an administrator of personal data.

According to § 12 of the law 101/2000 Coll., if any data subject asks for information about processing of personal data, the administrator is obliged to provide this information to the client without undue delay. According to § 21, each data subject who discovers or supposes that the administrator processes the subject’s personal data in a way contradicting either with the protection of private and personal life of the subject, or with the law, particularly if personal data are inaccurate in terms of the purpose of their processing, can a) ask the administrator or processor of personal data for an explanation, or as the case may be, b) require that the administrator or processor removes the resulting state. This may include in particular blocking, correction, completion or destruction of personal data.