Custom oligo synthesis

Custom oligo synthesis

Available synthesis scales for custom DNA oligos
20 nmol, 40 nmol, 200 nmol, 1 μmol and 10 μmol

Chain length
The standard length range of synthesized oligo is 2-99 bases.

For unmodified oligonucleotides in 20 nmol scale, synthesis is available up to 50 bases in length.

Delivery time for custom oligonucleotide synthesis
A – preferred synthesis
B – common synthesis                    more about delivery time


Oligonucleotides may contain degeneration in any position. Degeneration can be performed as a mixture of bases or insertion of inosine into the chain. Insertion of inosine into a string: see the modification Inosin.

Marking a degenerate position in the order:

I = inosin R = A, G
N = A,C,G,T Y = C,T
V = G,A,C M = A,C
D = G,A,T K = G,T
H = A,T,C S = G,C
B = G,T,C W = A,T

The final product of custom oligo synthesis service

The quantity of oligonucleotides is determined by UV spectrophotometry and expressed in nanomoles, optical units and micrograms. We standardly supply oligonucleotides in the dried state. Some oligonucleotides are delivered in a non-dried state for technological reasons.

A regular part of the production process is standard purification (desalination, removal of chemical impurities). The oligonucleotides of common lengths (up to 40 bases) are of such quality that no other purification is necessary for conventional applications in molecular biology.

Unmodified oligonucleotides

Cat. No. Product Scale Price
1000-020 oligo chain 20 nmol
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1058-040 oligo chain 40 nmol
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1058-200 oligo chain 200 nmol
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1058-001 oligo chain 1 micromol
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1058-010 oligo chain 10 micromol
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When ordering multiple chains of scale 40 nmol a discount is applied in the following discount bands:

a) OLIGO 10+ (10 – 49 pcs oligo)
b) OLIGO 50+ (50 – 149 pcs oligo)
c) OLIGO 150+ (150 pcs oligo and more)

To calculate the price of a specific order, use the oligocalculator (after login) in our OligoShop or send a request.

Shiping at ambient temperature from € 40 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

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