Updated information about moving GENERI BIOTECH to the new building

Update published on 8.1.2024: Moving was posponed 2 months ahead to April 2024. New time schedule is nov valid (in bold in the text below)

Dear Customers,

GENERI BIOTECH is moving to our own building after 29 years in rented space.

Everything which has so far made up a functional unit will be disassembled, moved, re-assembled and put back into action again. Additionally, we are going to add new elements. However, each step has its own risks, especially with more sophisticated devices.

Moving will start with the most sensitive part – with the oligo synthesis operation and IVD product manufacturing – at the beginning of April 2024. Both are dependent on successfully moving IT structures and information systems and their instillation without which nothing is possible. A major part of IT will be new. Everything makes up quite a complicated chain – we have been preparing to move for approximately a year though and it definitely is a challenge.

We would like to ask you for your patience during this period. One cannot do other than to interrupt the manufacturing for the time needed in the following way:

Oligo production

We are expecting last orders of probes or modified oligos on Friday 22.3.2024 or orders of unmodified oligos on Sunday 24.3.2024. Last synthesis in our original place is planned for Thursday 28.3.2024.

If everything goes smoothly, we could restore syntheses at our new place on 10.4.2024. However, as the syntheses are connected with other technologies (propelling gas feed, ventilation, temperature regulation, air humidity regulation) it is probable more time will be needed for synthesis re-introduction. 17.4.2024 is a pessimistic, however, a realistic possibility.

We will inform you about the course of the synthesis launch and a final date for starting of the manufacturing on our website.

Warehouse supplies – IVD products, life sciences products

These products are produced in such a way that they are available in our warehouse during the whole time between leaving the original building and starting manufacturing in our new premises. If there is a short interruption in supplies, it will be due to IT restarting.

The result of all the moving will be an overall improvement in technology of all the production, development, quality management, logistics and supporting processes. We are aiming for conditions comparable with leading producers. No foreign capital or funding backs us up.

We would like to ask you for your patience which we will return in our high-quality production.

Best regards,

Radovan Haluza, Executive Director

and all the GENERI BIOTECH team