Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) Extraction

Nucleic acid extraction can be tedious and time-consuming. It is the most crucial method used in molecular biology and is the starting point for many downstream processes and product development including diagnostic kits. DNA and RNA can be isolated from any biological material such as living or conserved tissues, cells, virus particles, or other samples for analytical or preparative purposes.

Generally, successful nucleic acid purification requires four important steps:

  1. effective disruption of cells or tissue
  2. denaturation of nucleoprotein complexes
  3. inactivation of nucleases, for example, RNase for RNA extraction and DNase for DNA extraction
  4. removal of contamination such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, or other nucleic acids (for example, DNA free of RNA or RNA free of DNA)

Generi Biotech provides nucleic acid extraction as part of complete projects and as a standalone service. Simply provide us with your sample and we will do the rest — delivering you a high quality extracted product or information about the extracted material necessary for downstream applications.  Regulatory grade extraction services (GLP-compliant) are also available.

Free up your bench time and let Generi Biotech perform your DNA & RNA extractions!

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Kit pro izolaci DNA z tělních tekutin

Kit pro izolaci DNA z tělních tekutin Kit pro izolaci DNA z tělních tekutin

Izolační kit umožňuje získat vysoce čistou genomovou DNA ze vzorků plné krve, séra, plazmy, ze stěrů bukální sliznice a z moči. Z těchto typů matrice lze navíc velmi účinně izolovat i virovou DNA. Kit zaručuje vysoké výtěžky DNA, reprodukovatelné výsledky a rychlý pracovní postup.

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