oligo DUPLEX

We can prepare a double-chain DNA (oligo DUPLEX) from complementary single-chain oligonucleotides (ssDNA). Duplex can be prepared from oligonucleotides ordered by you, or we can design complementary ssDNA to oligo supplied by you.

Some types of reactions demand that a double-chain DNA (oligo DUPLEX) be produced out of complementary single-chain oligonucleotides (ssDNA). There is a high risk of emergence of undesirable secondary structures, e.g. hairpin loops, when complementary ssDNAs are simply mixed at laboratory temperature. For this reason it is preferable to carry out hybridization of ssDNA, and thus, thanks to this process, decrease the risk of emergence of undesirable secondary structures in the final product.

Duplex is supplied in a non-dried state.

If your application requires so, we can HPLC purify the duplex.

Maximum length of oligonucleotide needed for manufacturing duplex and for its following purification is 70 bases.

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1409 Hybridization
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