We are an EN ISO 13485 certified EU-located company developing and producing CE IVD kits based on real-time PCR and NGS detection methods.

Our IVD kits fall into five categories: clinical genetics, hematology, pharmacogenetics, oncology and microbiology.

Our typical partners are end-users of the kits (mostly in CZ and SK), business partners and distributors mostly within the EU. We are looking for business partners and/or distributors worldwide who can fit the portfolio of our products, either the whole or a part of it, to their sales strategy (see here).

ngs ONCO anti-EGFR ngs ONCO anti-EGFR

ngs ONCO anti-EGFR ngs ONCO anti-EGFR

DNA samples are prepared in a two-step PCR amplification. Target hotspot regions are amplified during the 1st multiplex PCR reaction and sample specific molecular barcodes are added in the 2nd universal PCR amplification.