Detection method: allelic discrimination

The CE IVD kit is used for determination of genotype of five polymorphisms: A (D70G, rs1799807), K (A539T, rs1803274), F1 (T243M, rs28933389), F2 (G390V, rs28933390), S1 (FS117, rs398124632) in human genomic DNA. The principle of detection is based on real-time PCR by fluorescently labelled probes (allelic discrimination).

Clinical implications of the CE IVD kit

Butyrylcholinesterase (BCHE) is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of the myorelaxans suxamethonium (succinylcholine) and mivacurium. Decreased activity of this enzyme results in higher plasma drug concentrations and prolonged muscle paralysis associated with the need for pulmonary ventilation. The most common genetic predispositions leading to pseudocholinesterase deficiency include the BCHE variants A, K, F and S1.

In patients diagnosed with genetic alterations in the BCHE gene, it is recommended to use alternative agents to myorelaxants suxamthonium and mivacurium, which have available antidotes, eliminating the risk to the patient and the financial cost of subsequent artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Parameters of the real-time PCR diagnostic kit

  • ready-to-use assay
  • input sample concentration 1-100 ng/µl
  • positive controls for each of the genotypes and a negative control included
  • FAM and HEX channels detection
  • identical amplification profile as gb PHARM, gb HEMO, gb GENETIC kits
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3256-025 gb PHARM BCHE 25
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1 CE IVD kit contains reagents to provide 25 PCR reactions (20 μl volume of each reaction).

Shiping on dry ice from € 110 (EU)
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    Validated for:

    CFX Opus 96 (Bio-Rad)

    CFX96/96Touch (Bio-Rad)

    Light Cycler 480/Cobas z480 (Roche Diagnostics)

    QuantStudio 5 (Applied Biosystems)

    RG 3000 (Corbett Research)

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