Detection method: real-time PCR

This kit is intended for detection of the specific section of the POLR2A gene in the human genomic DNA. Detection is based on quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) using fluorescently labelled probes.

Clinical implications of the RUO kit

The quantification of human DNA is significant especially in the field of forensic analysis but it could be also exploitable in any other discipline dealing with human DNA analysis. It is essential before sample analysis, when it is important to find out if human DNA is present in the sample and possibly in which amount. The POLR2A gene encodes for the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II, an enzyme responsible for synthesizing messenger RNA in eukaryotes.

Parameters of the real-time PCR diagnostic kit

  • ready-to-use assay
  • positive and negative controls included
  • detection in FAM channel
  • internal positive control in HEX channel
Cat. No. Product No. of reactions Price
3142 gb GENETIC Human DNA 100
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1 RUO real-time PCR kit contains reagents to provide 100 PCR reactions (25 μl volume of each reaction).

Shiping on dry ice from € 110 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

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