Modification by group: Others

Position of modification: 3´, 5´

Adding cholesterol increases oligonucleotide lipophility. Furthermore, cholesterol improves the permeability of oligonucleotide chains through cellular membranes in antisense oligonucleotides (phosphorothioates or other derivatives). Cholesterol may be attached either to the 5′ end or the 3′ end of the oligonucleotide.

Cat. No. Modification Scale Price
1112-5 5' Cholesterol 40 nmol
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1112-5 5' Cholesterol 200 nmol
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Modification is limited and can be performed upon consultation; precise price quotation can be prepared after providing particular sequences.

Oligo price = price of sequence without modification + surcharge for modification

Shiping at ambient temperature from € 40 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

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