Spacer C3

Spacer C3

Modification by group: Spacer

Position of modification: 3´, 5´, internal

May be attached anywhere within the oligonucleotide sequence. Repeated spacer attachment is possible, forming a long hydrophobic arm. When bound to the 3′ end it serves as a blocker of 3′ polymerase extension.

Cat. No. Modification Scale Price
1202-5 5´ - Spacer C3 40 nmol
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1202-5 5´ - Spacer C3 200 nmol
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Modification is limited and can be performed upon consultation; precise price quotation can be prepared after providing particular sequences.

Oligo price = price of sequence without modification + surcharge for modification

Shiping at ambient temperature from € 40 (EU)
For other destinations see indicative list.

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