ATTO dyes

ATTO dyes

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ATTO dyes are a series of fluorescent dyes which provide all the crucial properties required for modern fluorescent technologies with spectral region from 350 nm in the UV to 750 nm in the near infrared.

ATTO-dyes represent a new generation of patented fluorescent labels developed directly for biomolecular labels in the field of life sciences.

The common advantages of these colors are: high absorption, high fluorescence emission and high photostability.

ATTO dyes parameters: absorption and emissions wavelengths, replacing dyes

ATTO dyes cover a wide spectrum range from 350 nm to 750 nm. Due to this range of absorption and emission spectrums, these tags can be a convenient alternative to all commonly used fluorophores (see the table).

ATTO also offers fluorescents that exhibit an extremely wide Stokes shift, which makes them very suitable for use in multiplexing.

Labeling of the oligonucleotides with ATTO dyes takes place post-synthetically, so it is necessary to attach an amino group to the oligonucleotide at the site of the desired binding, through which the self-binding of the ATTO dye is in the form of the NHS ester.

After labeling the oligonucleotide with ATTO dyes, HPLC purification is recommended to remove dye which is used in excess for labeling.

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